Consulting Services

ITD Review

Review addressing the primary requirements an IT department needs to remain relevant and viable within an organisation. Benefits include:

> Improved ROI with No Additional Spending,

> Budget Incremental Improvement (3-8%)

Best Practice

In a constantly evolving environment it is often easy to lose sight of the goals facing an organisation. With the constant pressure to remain competitive it is of the outmost importance that organisations use their resources to their best advantage. Often that means being able to deliver value to the shareholders using the leanest possible structure while ensuring that quality and service are not compromised. There is very little to differentiate between success and failure in organisations when it comes to delivering value for money. In most instances a key component of that equation is the Information Technology department and its relationship to the rest of the organisation.


Does your organisation follow world's best practice in Software Development and Support? Does your IT Department work hand in hand alongside the business with one clear vision? Does your IT Department's capability model reflect an Optimising organisation? Do you feel there is no room for improvement? If the answer to any of these questions is 'NO' then we can help you.

We Can Help

We offer to undertake an initial investigation of the IT Department, its links to the overall business strategy and its overall effectiveness in delivering value to its clients. To achieve this, we will assess the effectiveness of your IT Department using an IT Capability Framework.

Key Benefits

Improved ROI without additional spending. Our aim is to ensure that our clients make better use of the resources they already have. Resource Retention Strategy. We believe that retaining existing resources through retraining and development results in a more satisfied and productive workforce. Generally expect at least 3-8% incremental improvement on large budgets for IT-related expenditure.

IT Capability Framework

To assess the effectiveness of your IT Department, the following key areas of the framework will be covered;

> Strategy

> Innovation

> Recruitment & Culture

> Core Competencies

> Operational Excellence

Following the initial information gathering exercise and presentation of the results to key members of your organisation our company can help guide your organisation towards continuous improvement.

Strategic Consulting

Major financial institution strategic review and realignment of major retail systems development.

Account Management

Management of key software support resources for major and medium sized financial institutions, building societies and large petrochemical organisation.

Process Re-engineering

End to end review of existing business processes and implementation of process re-engineering initiatives.

Hogan Technical Consulting

Over ten years of Hogan SDLC experience in large and medium core systems development and support. Major past clients include ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Bank of Melbourne (Westpac) National Australia Bank and CSC.

Training - PMBOK 101

Combining many years of hands-on Project Management with our Principal's PMP certification, Daidal is offering a PMBOK Introductory 1 or 2-Day course with emphasis on the practical side of PMBOK standards. The course is available on request and can be presented on client's premises to multiple staff.