Project Management Services

Project Management

End to end SDLC management of IT projects delivering stated business and technical requirements completed on time and within budget.


Delivered the first business project to resolve long-standing issues with billing and meter reads and to deliver a better customer experience for EA’s Bulk Hot Water customers. Completed the delivery of a project for EA’s Real Time Credit Assessment SAAS solution delivering benefits of over $6.0 million per annum. The project was nominated for the 2017 Chairman’s Award at EnergyAustralia and was awarded the best initiative supporting EA’s transformation program 2015-2018. Completed a project to deliver a Risk Management solution on behalf of EA’s Enterprise Risk Management team utilising a SAAS solution being implemented in partnership with EA’s parent company CLP. Established and managed a program that delivered fifteen regulatory compliance initiatives over an eighteen month period.

Landmark Operations

Completed five concurrent projects for Landmark Operations. Managed the data migration of stock and assets to a different instance of SAP, oversaw the establishment of new business processes and ensured business users were appropriately trained to use the new environment. Managed the development and delivery of new functionality for the Landmark Rewards program. Managed the delivery of new functionality to provide an interface for financial information between the existing Landmark SAP system and a non-SAP system to manage proprietary chemical products. Managed the integration of six new Landmark branches acquired through the purchase of an existing business in Northeast NSW. The scope of the project included the review of existing hardware, establishing new network connectivity, the of deployment POS and desktop equipment, establishing new workflows, migrating data from MYOB to SAP and delivering a new template for future branch acquisitions. Oversaw the technical applications and infrastructure de-merger activities to separate AWB from Landmark. Deliverables included the transfer of grain sites, a strategy to deal with previously shared applications and the removal of the dependence of Landmark on shared infrastructure and systems.

ANZ Bank

Managed the delivery of a National Consumer Credit Reform compliance program delivering Legislative Compliance and affecting all ANZ personal lending products including Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Overdrafts and Mortgages. Total project budget $22.5 million. Managed the delivery of 8 pilot ATMs dispensing multiple international currencies at major capital city locations in Australia. ANZ were the first bank in Australia to provide this service and the project had to meet a strict timetable. Managed the delivery of a Core Systems Re-engineering program for ANZ's Technology Australia group including Business Case development and project delivery. The projects' scope included an upgrade to ANZ's core retail systems, a new development environment and a new set of tools for mainframe developers, and a pilot delivery of new middleware development software that will expose existing core services to Unix and Web-based applications. Total project budget $15 million.


Managed the delivery of Stress & Volume Testing Infrastructure for Telstra's Transformation program. Coordinated the efforts of three vendors (IBM, EMC & Symantec) to ensure that the infrastructure (Network design, Servers, Storage & Software) was designed, built and delivered on time and budget. Total project budget $45.5 million.


Completed a 2 year project for the Victorian Energy Networks Corporation (VENCorp) delivering systems and process changes for the new Victorian Wholesale Gas Market. The project was delivered on time and 7% under budget.

Origin Energy

Completed three time critical projects for Origin Energy in 2002-2004. All projects were related to the Full Retail Contestability (FRC) changes of the Australian market both for Natural Gas and Electricity to private households and small businesses. All projects were delivered on time, under budget and to specification.

TXU (Energy Australia)

Completed a time critical project for Texas Utilities (TRUenergy) in 1999 - 2000 delivering requisite GST-related changes to Electricity Billing Software and accompanying business process re-engineering and training.

ANZ Bank

Completed a major development project for ANZ Bank in 1997 - 1999 completing a migration of all retail NZ systems to the bank's Australian retail system. The project included major business re-engineering processes, data conversion activity and a data warehouse update.

Commonwealth Bank

Delivered multiple development projects for Commonwealth Bank in 1994 -1996 resulting in improved business throughput for the bank's retail and credit cards divisions.

Project Consulting

IT projects much like tall buildings need strong foundations to survive the onslaught of time and a constantly changing environment. DAIDAL believes a project needs to be built on solid foundations so we are ready to offer our clients guidance in setting up projects for success. In out project consulting approach we espouse PMBOK fundamentals and we work with our business clients to ensure that their needs are met.

Project Recovery

The project has stalled, the stakeholders are revolting and the project sponsor is out for blood. Or so it would seem. It is an accepted fact of our industry that 90% of IT projects fail for one reason or another. DAIDAL is not prepared to accept those statistics as mere facts. Whether the team isn't firing as a unit or the change requests are threatening to bury the project we know what needs to be done. We have turned around projects from the brink of disaster and we know how to do it again. Whether it's a $100k hardware upgrade or a $100m core systems replacement. We have the knowledge and the tools to help the business realise their goals and IT to deliver results.

Example #1

Took on the responsibility of delivering a troubled IT project that was four months behind schedule with an inflexible deadline.

The project, a joint development venture between two major financial institutions, was instrumental in the successful implementation of a secure high-value payments gateway for Australia's major financial institutions.

Initiated an architectural and technical review of the proposed solution, re-planned delivery schedule, increased resources to the required level and delivered to specification on the original delivery timeframe.

Example #2

Undertook to investigate and recover a medium sized project that was over five months behind schedule that was impacting a multi-million dollar project due to schedule and resource conflicts.

The project was undertaken by a third party outsourcer to deliver business and IT changes to a mission critical billing engine for a large Australian Utility.

DAIDAL initiated a detailed review of the existing project team, the governance and project resources, and delivered a report of key recommendations that were accepted and implemented by the client. The project was subsequently delivered within the specified timeframe and budget.